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Carbon Cycle Engineering LLC

Carbon Cycle Engineering Managing Organic Carbon Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Agriculture is the oil fields of the future and will have to learn to manage and profit from its organic carbon cycles as stewards of Earth

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Carbon Cycle Engineering is located in the Appalachian bio-region of the Ohio Valley and the Wayne National Forest. The mission of the company is to provide consulting and design services for developing practical and appropriate solutions for under-served small to medium size niche farms and food processors. The goal is to provide a progressive design and management service that improves efficiency, profitability, and sustainability for the client's enterprise and the surrounding bio-region. The Ohio Valley has an abundant supply of grass, wood, and related industries and has great economic potential for appropriate bio-carbon energy and waste development. The company focus includes established companies as well as new entrepreneur start ups that need assistance developing alternative methods and improving efficiencies in their operations. Many of our clients are using Carbon Cycle Engineering (CCE) to research, design, and in some cases build and assemble equipment for new processes that utilize leading edge carbon cycle technologies.
It is simple, contact us with your business project let us review it and tell you how we can help.

Carbon Cycle Engineering is an Ohio company located in Athens, Ohio
Dwight Mitchell started the company as Coyote Ridge Farm and Machine in 1994. The company has its roots in building proto-type equipment and invention for the alternative specialty niche Agriculture markets. Carbon Cycle Engineering was created to include services for bio-carbon management consulting and engineering. 

Carbon Cycle Engineering wears many hats. This photo was taken at the field trials that the company conducted during its Sunflower biofuel research grant. CCE relishes working with new crops and the processing challenges associated creating new products. 
A lot of the projects we take on are about buying components and assembling them into a profitable processing enterprise.

Feed bins to hold cake by products and then to be ground and blended in a mix mill for feeding livestock. The manures can be put in a windrow to be composted and/or apply to farm land or be bagged and sold as compost mulch or feedstock for a methane producing lagoon and generator.