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Carbon Cycle Engineering LLC

Carbon Cycle Engineering Managing Organic Carbon Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Agriculture is the oil fields of the future and will have to learn to manage and profit from its organic carbon cycles as stewards of Earth

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Shagbark Seed and Mill  Carbon Cycle Engineering worked with Shagbark Seed and Mill early in the beginning of their company. Shagbark has grown into a specialty organic mill, bean packer, specialty flours, and organic chips and crackers. Shagbark was able to carve out a specialty market and is growing. Wing Nuttery (not shown)  is another client and is in its third year of harvesting local native nuts and processing them into packaged nuts and nut products. CCE built a multiple drive for their nut de-huller and is currently looking at nut harvesting designs.


 Dwight Mitchell from CCE wrote and managerd the "Sunflower Bio-fuels Grant" and used it as a tool to encourage farmers to investigate growing and making their own fuels. The project was also used to educate Agriculture teachers and science students. CCE is currently exploring developing a food grade oil press for a client and they plan to contract with farmers on the river to grow Austrian pumpkins for oil in the seed. The pumpkin pulp will be analyzed for possible used in food and animal feeds or as a filler for wood pellet manufacturing. Sunflower cake left after the oil has been pressed out is very palatable and high in protein and other nutrients. What was learned in this project was all the possible revenue streams that could be tapped by managing the carbon cycle and its energy potential.